Values and Strategy

Most organizations have vision, values and a mission statement. They also have policies, procedures, business plans, targets, strategies and deliverables. So what would need to change in order to align your values and strategy so that they were present in the same conversation at the same time?

Values and Strategy Working Together is an interactive, one-day workshop designed to celebrate what’s working and shake up what needs to done differently.

Through solution focused dialogue, the Values and Strategy Workshop will highlight core-values and underlying beliefs that make up the DNA of self leadership, including the role of power, influence and authority.

The workshop will:

  • Create a safe space to explore team communication issues often faced by those working within complex and challenging environments
  • Capitalize on the passion and expertise at work within your organization
  • Identify company challenges and short-medium term strategies
  • Align values and team and individual behaviours required to achieve specific business results
  • Introduce coaching culture skills to support business results and high performance

Benefits include:

  • A stimulating work environment that supports mutual learning and generation of ideas
  • Clarity on team values and how they contribute to a respectful workplace
  • Improved engagement and team dynamics
  • Great results through true collaboration

FEEDBACK on Values & Strategy Workshops…

“I didn’t want to be here today. They’re usually a waste of time. Today though, we came up with solutions that will work.”

“I now have hope for a better future. I didn’t have that coming into today’s workshop.”

“This format gave us the freedom to be involved and to find the best possible solutions. I’m grateful and happy…hopeful!”

“In the new world of work, passion and expertise are the Rosetta stone.”
Julie Anixter, managing director of new media and R&D, Tom Peters Co.