Coaching for Executives

As an executive, you develop your leadership style, deal with change, seek out new perspectives, blaze trails and blitz past roadblocks. You’re in the driver’s seat and you’re up there alone.

What’s also true is that you want things ‘fast’ and therein lays the extraordinary value of executive coaching conversations. The true power of an executive coaching conversation is in the dynamic partnership between coach as committed listener and you as creative force.

Unique in its intention and flow, coaching moves you intentionally and inevitably toward enhancing your personal and organizational awareness, productivity and growth.

As your Executive Coach, our relationship will be about identifying your aspirations and biggest dreams and then charting the necessary steps toward attaining them. It means examining issues through multiple lenses, identifying what’s missing, what could be possible, and what you want more of personal and professional excellence.

“If you’re a traditional employer, beware: You’re a way station for talent just until the economy clears up.”
Bruce Tulgan, founder RainmakerThinking and author, Winning the Talent Wars