Coaching for You

Coaching is about you about where you are now and where you want to be. In our coaching conversations, you will define your goals and set the pace. I will listen for possibilities. And together, we will find the solutions that are most meaningful to you.

Through our coaching conversations you will focus on your strengths and on what you want to accomplish. As you define your future I will be your accountability partner helping determine the concrete steps to make it happen.

While coaching takes place in conversation, the work happens inside you, the person. That is the strength and essence of personal coaching. It improves your satisfaction and quality of life by creating powerful new distinctions that lead to new ways of seeing, doing and being.

Ever find yourself asking ‘now what?’

“I started climbing my career ladder and I think I’m on the wrong ladder!”

“I’m good at what I do, but I need a change.”

“I’ll be retiring in a few years, but I’m too young to do nothing.”

“I’ve always wanted to try that, I just haven’t known where to start.”

“Don’t turn away from an impossible, wonderful future before you have looked inside for the answer. You are always free to choose a different future.”
Richard Bach