Values and Ethics

Humanity at Work coaching is about inspiring and challenging you to take a leap of faith toward a future that really matters to you.

As your Coach, I will bring my knowledge from the private, public and volunteer sectors, stand committed to your success, ask the big questions, and provide deeply honest feedback with backbone and heart.

As an ICF Certified Executive Coach, I stand for the highest ethical standards established within the Coaching profession. I uphold and adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Guidelines of ethical and legal conduct; and aspire in all ways to conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively upon the Coaching profession.

I seek to better the world by being:

  • Both trustworthy and trusting
  • Compassionate; and listening with my heart as well as my head
  • Resilient and resourceful
  • Open to teaching, learning and being taught
  • A champion for the goodness and strengths of others and their ability to make better choices

Why the Apple?

In the spirit of sharing something personal that you do not know about me, I will tell you that I collect apples. It started by accident on my 16th birthday, when my dearest friend Betsy bestowed upon me a silver apple charm for my bracelet.

“An apple? Why Betsy, why?”

“Well,” said my loving friend, “It’s because you’re a little bit tempting and a little bit tart!”

Apples have been in my life ever since as a reminder, that self knowledge is at the heart of every lasting relationship; and for the seeds of wisdom that each apple contains.