Donna has a passion for people and is a very skilled and talented Coach and Mentor.  From her professional and life experiences, using creative coaching methods, she helps you visualize the future…and asks you all the necessary and sometimes difficult questions to help you achieve your desired goals.

Donna seeks to understand and assist you in identifying areas of interest, and coaches you to take responsibility for planning your desired future.

She does all this in a kind, compassionate and caring manner. 
Paul Brewer, BC Health Authority

It was a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate your insight and guidance.  I will take this experience with me throughout my professional journey.  Karen Bradt, Associate Director, Development

To a kindred spirit….thank you for all that you do in service to humanity.
Diana Whitney, author Appreciative Leadership

I really enjoyed our coaching conversations. They were a gift that came at the right time in my life.                                                                 Elia Robles Manager, Fund Development, YWCA Vancouver

The unexpected benefits were the realization that I might not be doing what is right for me in my current role, and though a valuable experience it was, I came to realize that it might be time to move on. Donna had incredible patience in helping me to realize what I was looking for and how to achieve it.
Angela Di Bernardo, Assistant Product Manager, Membership Services

Your comments were really profound and the more I thought about it during the evening the more I began to realize that there was a lot of truth in your comments.  I really felt that our discussion was quite a breakthrough for me, so wanted to thank you for your help.
Sue Bird, Recruitment Consultant

Donna is a very capable leader who has a strong sense of what an organization needs to further develop and grow. She is very caring, trustworthy, and always wants to do what is right for the individual and the business she is working for.
Camille Reid, Executive Director, Human Resources for the BC Health Authority Shared Services Organization

Donna inspired me to develop my vision of acquiring a position that would enable me to grow and learn new skills specific to developing into a new manager.

She understands issues in the community, in individuals and the big picture in business and imparts vast knowledge from experience.   She shared information in how to set goals at our very first meeting, and exercises that enabled me to think of alternatives and empowered me to choose what was best for me in terms of my goals and objectives.

Anyone lucky enough to spend time with Donna can easily see how gifted she is in empowering others.
Deborah Finlayson, Leaders of Tomorrow participant

On behalf of the Leaders of Tomorrow group, thank you for spending time with us.  Your insight and experience provided inspiration to the team on what their leadership roles mean to the program and themselves.
Erin Robinson, LOT Coordinator (2003)