About Donna

I am an experienced change management, communications consultant, mentor and coach with 25-plus years in the tourism, health, finance, government and not-for-profit sectors. I’ve lived and worked in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Perth and Melbourne, and have pursued a life-long commitment to making a difference through volunteering and fund-raising within the community.

In addition to this experience, I hold a Bachelors of Business in Organization Development (OD), and am a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Human Resource Professional. My specialty is group and interpersonal dynamics, culture change, internal communications and leadership development.

From an early career in the media where I was paid to ask ‘why?’ to deeper and more satisfying work in coaching, my natural curiosity and commitment to reaching the heart of the matter, has guided my personal and professional growth.

My middlessence (thank you Gail Sheehy) was a passage toward less structured, more intuitive ways of knowing. I went back to University in Melbourne, and upon graduation started my own consulting and change management practice. As an OD consultant, David Bohm’s dialogue work was a major influence. I worked with individuals and teams across organizations to create an environment of trust and new levels of awareness about individual and collective well-being. My toolkit included Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning.

Whether working one-on-one or facilitating a group process, I have found the best results are gained from having a spirit of inquiry that allows an individual to tap into their own wisdom. From there, it becomes possible to see challenges in a new light and to take that leap of faith.

On a personal note: I love learning and am naturally curious about how things work!  Experience has taught me that insight and understanding both help us to build the resilience and energy we need to deal with change in our lives. As someone who takes great fulfillment from working with and being of service to others, I look forward to co-creating a positive and passionate new future; filled with the best of who you can be.