Welcome to Humanity at Work

I am a Vancouver-based coach and facilitator devoted to creating inspired results in your life, career or organization. My focus is both leadership and performance the two most significant strategic HR management issues today.



You may be a seasoned executive, a manager on the way up, a professional seeking a career change, or looking ahead to the next major challenge in your life. What sets you apart are your inquiring mind and a burning desire to reach your goal.

As your coach, I help you to build self-awareness and high quality interactions at work and in your day-do-day life by challenging ‘what you do’ and ‘how you do it’.



Values & Strategy Working Together and Proud & Productive Workplaces cultivate vibrant organizational cultures through purpose-built dialogues about what really matters. By recognizing individuals for their passion as well as their purpose, organizations are in a position to retain the best and finest.

As your facilitator, I help teams work more collaboratively and productively by creating powerful new distinctions about drive, diversity, ability and resilience in the workplace.

“Envisioning the future is a process that begins with passion, feeling, concern, or an inspiration that something is worth doing.” The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes & Posner